[EN] The Partos Learning and Innovation Platform

Great news: In 2021 The Spindle will continue as The Partos Learning and Innovation Platform (2021-2025). The year 2020 was the fifth and final year of The Spindle, Partos Innovation Platform. A program that was successful thanks to the active participation and contributions by Partos members, Southern-based civil society organisations and other innovators. The program will continue as the Partos Learning and Innovation Platform, with continued support by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


As with The Spindle, Partos will continue to involve others than its own members, including other innovators than those working for civil society organisations. We hope that you, as a member of The Spindle community, will join us in the continuation of our journey, connecting innovators for impact in inclusive and sustainable development. Further communication will follow at the beginning of the New Year.


For an impression of some of the highlights in the past years please check this magazine ‘5 Years The Spindle’. In 2020 we added some additional highs: the Digital Journey, with over 50 participants from various development organisations working jointly on digital solutions to shared challenges, a successful call for the most inspiring digital innovations (MIDIs) coming from the Global South with over 60 entries, that bore witness of the technical know-how and creativity of innovators in many of the countries there, and an experimental Food-Hackathon that called for digital solutions for the challenges that were formulated by local farmers in two regions in Uganda. The results of all three innovation trajectories were presented at the first completely online Partos Innovation Festival, on the 8th and 9th of October, and will continue to inspire future planning.  Furthermore, we discussed the security of online civil society partnerships, and at our blind spots listening to witnesses of racism in the development sector. Our work on the Shifting of Power resulted in the optimization of the Power Awareness Tool and in an active Community of Practice that looks at possible solutions to remaining challenges to the power shift within development programs.


Also in 2020, we issued an external evaluation of The Spindle that resulted in a positive assessment of its results and some useful recommendations for the new program. It led to the decision to integrate The Spindle in Partos, both for reasons of efficiency (one newsletter, one website and social media)  and for reasons of effectiveness. After all, Partos is a membership body, who needs its members to legitimize an ambitious agenda of change and to act both as primary resource and target group to implement it together with their partner organisations.


It all resulted in the new Partos Learning and Innovation Program, that was successfully submitted for financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; again, a five-year program to support, enhance and mobilize the learning and innovation potential of its members, and their Southern partners, in support of inclusive, locally-owned sustainable development. More than before we will involve Partos members, their partners and other actors in the planning and monitoring of our learning and innovation agenda.


In 2021 we will continue our work on shifting the power. We will step up our support for networking and joint learning by the organisations in the strategic partnership programs, financed as part of the Strengthening Civil Society Program of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A major topic on the Partos agenda is our response to the challenges of working in the volatile, post-Corona world. Please stay tuned for further updates: that from now on will come to you by the Partos (online) channels.