Programme | Block 2

Digital tools for action

October 9 | 10.00-12.00

Digital is the most disruptive trend of the past decades. A trend that offers civil society a high number of opportunities, but challenges at the same time. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prompted, even more, to look at digital ways of working. What are the most inspiring digital products or services that contribute to an inclusive, just, collaborative and sustainable world? What can civic society organisations learn from best practices of the use of data and digital technology in sustainable and inclusive development?  In this session, we will dive into these questions and share ideas and inspiration about digital tools for civic action. For more information about the programme of block 2, see below. Note: this programme will be updated in the run-up to the Festival. 



Jeremy Heimans | Speaker

Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a global organisation that builds and supports movements for a more open, just, and habitable world, and the co-author of the 2018 bestseller New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World - and How to Make It Work for You. He is co-founder of GetUp!, an Australian political organisation with more members than all of Australia's political parties combined, and Avaaz, the world’s largest online citizens’ movement. Heimans is a recipient of the Ford Foundation’s 75th Anniversary Visionary Award for his work as a movement pioneer and has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.

This year, The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, provides the opportunity for inspiring digital innovations in the field of development cooperation to be listed on both The Spindle and Partos website. From these innovations, a group of digital experts will select the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDIs). These 30 MIDIs will win a professional pitch video created by our video maker and the opportunity to participate in a digital co-creation session to tackle a specific challenge they may face on their road to success. In this session a selection of the 30 MIDIs present their innovations. 

An Expert Group, consisting of digital experts, has co-created a scorecard to score all 60 applications of the Most Inspiring Digital Innovations fairly. Want to know who did the scoring? Meet the Expert Group Members!


The call for the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations has resulted in at least 60 applications. Discover the organisations and innovations in this list and interactive map. Let yourself be inspired and come see what is happening worldwide in terms of digital innovation.


After careful deliberation, the Expert Group announced the selection of the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations. We are happy to present these insipring innovations to you.