The Spindle

Connecting innovators for development.

Innovation is necessary more than ever, as the world in which the traditional development cooperation has emerged is changing drastically. Development actors need to understand and flexibly adapt to this changing reality in order to remain effective. The challenges of transitional change inspire innovators to create new ideas and innovative solutions. A large amount of the Partos member organisations is working on this as we speak, and more and more together with others. Check for example the publications 'Leave No One Behind' and 'Towards an improved use of monitoring data'.

Better together. That's why Partos created The Spindle: to connect for innovation and impact and ultimately a sustainable world for everyone.



The Spindle enables organisations and individuals to innovate together and create a thriving community for social change. It connects innovators from Dutch and global โ€“ primarily Southern โ€“ development actors and supports them in transforming new ideas into innovative solutions. How? By building an off- and online community of innovators, identify emerging trends, challenges and opportunities and support the development of new ideas, promising new strategies and solutions in response. Ultimately this should lead to meaningful action for a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Interested in joining? Start your own innovation lab or support others with your knowlegde.