Shared Services

As a member of Partos, you benefit from useful services under favourable conditions; you can save money by combining purchasing-power, save time by using Partos and enjoy professional purchasing with regular evaluations. All of the benefits are set out below.

Would you also like to save and find out more about the shared services? Then please contact Marion van der Knoop on 020 320 99 01 or


Translation via Livewords
From 1 April 2017, Livewords translation agency from Amstelveen has formed part of the Shared Services range offered by Partos. This means that all Partos members can have texts translated by Livewords at a very favourable rate. The framework contract was created due to requests from several members, so that you don’t have to trawl through a range of agencies for your translation requirements. Alongside the attractive rates, each member is allocated a fixed project manager, translations are always completed by native speakers and the file is then checked by a second reader (proofread). 


Partos' political monitoring: know what’s going on in The Hague
Want to stay up-to-date with the politics in The Hague with respect to development cooperation? Partos provides a free, weekly Political Monitor subscription. Each week, you receive an update containing all you need to know as an NGO about political developments and how to optimise lobbying. You can also see which significant changes are to take place in the near future, which parliamentary questions are still unanswered, which publications you can expect and summaries of important parliamentary meetings.

Meltwater media monitoring
Meltwater is the market leader when it comes to media monitoring and analysis and applies a special rate for members of Partos. Meltwater does not monitor print media as standard, however it does offer a very attractive price for effective online news and social media monitoring. Meltwater also has a substantial database of media contacts. If required, you can also pay extra to add print media to the Meltwater dashboard and/or radio and TV monitoring. For all information and rates, please mail Patrick Bolle at Meltwater. 


CIBT visa services
Organise your visa and legalisation requests easily via CIBT Visas, one of the most successful contracts within Shared Services. Around 40 members use it, probably because the savings can add up tremendously. As a Partos member, you will received a discount on mediation rates via CIBT Visas. Partos members can also use CIBT’s Special Service/VIP desk for a more personalised, specialist service and shorter waiting times. You can save the costs of a travel agent and registration with CIBT Visas is free of charge.

The shared services are fantastic for a small organisation like Wemos. On our own, we could never achieve such great prices and facilities and the overall quote and evaluation process that is provided by Partos and a small group of members saves me a huge amount of time. - Evelien Colenberg, Wemos

Business travel insurance via AON
Partos has concluded an agreement with AON-Hewitte regarding business travel insurance. The cover is tailored to the specific risks that members face during their work. The contract offers worldwide cover which includes countries with specific travel advice and also crisis areas. The insurance also covers various elements in relation to safety, including political evaluations and the risk of kidnapping. The cover is automatically expanded to include war risks (damage during unrest) across the world. To request a quote, please contact

Business trips with ATPI
When it comes to business trips, you can save a great deal of money; trips often are a common aspect of working for development organisations. For business trips, there is a new ATPI -Partos framework contract, which came into force as of January 2019. The choice of ATPI was based on their extensive Duty of Care programme and the high score that they achieved on quality and transparency criteria. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration in order to shape Partos’ travel policy as efficiently, safely and sustainably as possible.

Legal, fiscal and notarial services via preferred suppliers
For its members, Partos has negotiated special rates and conditions from several companies; it has created a list of preferred suppliers in the legal and notarial service sectors. Together, Partos members can therefore enjoy a substantial discount. Another advantage of preferred suppliers is that these businesses are all familiar with the sector and you won’t have to explain the various aspects. A few of these preferred suppliers are Vijverberg juristen, Pels Rijcken, BTW Plaza and Mazars. These offices can help with a range of issues, and each have their own specialisations. This could include rules regarding changes to Articles of Association, drafting and checking employment contracts, reorganisations, liability, etc.

The pressure on organisations to do more with less is steadily increasing. Additional collaboration means that we can expand our competitive edge and develop into a more serious player in the purchasing market. - Ton van der Maat, Edukans


Lower absenteeism via SAZAS
From 1 October 2017, members of Partos can use  SAZAS absenteeism insurance. SAZAS is an initiative from employer and employee organisations in response to the Act on Reducing Absenteeism due to Sickness (Wet Terugdringing Ziekteverzuim) in 1994. This insurance means you do not have to take unnecessary financial risks if one of your employees is sick.

Cross-border work and international employment
The recruitment of cross-border employees is a common theme in the development cooperation sector. These are often complex and very diverse situations which require up-to-date expertise. Exterus is an independent office which specialises in advising and supporting employers and employees that are involved in cross-border labour and international employment. Partos has made pricing agreements with Exterus which offer Partos members a discount of between 20 and 25%.


Cooperation with Goede Doelen Nederland
Goede Doelen Nederland and Partos offer a vast range of services for one another’s member. Members can therefore enjoy benefits in relation to expertise, efficiency and effectiveness. For more information, you can contact Marion van der Knoop (via or tel. 020 32 09 01). See also the shared services from Goede Doelen Nederland.