Benefits of membership

On the basis of mutual trust, Partos connects, strengthens, rejuvenates and represents its members for the purposes of effective development cooperation. How? Read all about the many benefits of Partos membership below.

Your interests championed and your organisation represented on various platforms
Partos represents your organisation within a range of forums. Your interests are actively championed; in the political world of The Hague, in European circles and also on global platforms and in the media.

Your organisation benefits from shared expertise and developing its own knowledge 
With a Partos membership, your organisation will be supported in terms of improving effectiveness and efficiency. This may be due to strengthening the knowledge and learning capacity of your organisation, of the branch in general or thanks to the stimulation of innovation.

Your organisation’s professionalism will improve thanks to training and meetings
As a member of Partos, you will have access to a range of training, meetings, courses and networking opportunities, which will allow you to share your expertise, gain support and, in turn, raise your level of professionalism. See what we offer in the Partos agenda.

You can generate greater clout via Partos due to its collective influencing policy
By uniting various interests and/or influencing policy with respect to the general public, the private sector and politics, the impact of shared initiatives increases and, simultaneously, fragmentation of the message from the development sector is prevented.

Working together on improving the image of development cooperation
Creating a good image for development cooperation is vitally important and automatically impacts upon your own organisation. Collective campaigns strengthen the image.

Partos offers you access to a broad network of organisations
With over one hundred members (and the thousands of people who work therein), you are part of a huge association. There is also an enormous network outside this (businesses, governments, etc.) which your organisation can connect to, strengthen and develop. The many meetings also offer space for match-making, the creation of useful contacts, sharing of problems and the development of solutions.

Substantial savings thanks to Partos’ Shared Services
From business trips to media monitoring and fixed telephone services. As a member of Partos, your organisation can benefit from a range of services under very favourable conditions, which will save you time and money.

Want to become a member?

Together works As a member of Partos, you can enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above and work with us on creating a just and sustainable world for everyone.

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