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[EN] Hague Talks: How can we make our voices heard in the time of COVID-19 crisis? 

Both the media and citizens can play vital roles in countering the spread of misinformation in our new world of lockdown and social distancing. At the same time, Covid-19 has amplified global inequality, and is heightening the threat to freely reported and reliable information, according to the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

[EN] WiseOwl: Coping with COVID: How do we spread hope? With Thomas Coombes (Part 1)

Communication is critical in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. But there's something we desperately need right now, and that is hope.

[EN] World vs Virus: How the world can navigate COVID-19 coronavirus.

A weekly podcast breaking down the latest news, research, and analysis of the COVID-19 coronavirus, from the World Economic Forum. 

[EN] The Fragile Case of COVID-19
On April 21st, The Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific and Aid/Watch Australia held an interesting webinar about COVID-19 in fragile states, human rights and social movements. 

Turning Tables: internationale steun tijdens een economische crisis? 

De huidige mondiale crisis veroorzaakt door het coronavirus legt opnieuw de grote ongelijkheden in de wereld bloot. Extreme armoede ligt wereldwijd voor velen op de loer. Tegelijkertijd staan we op een kruispunt in de geschiedenis om het radicaal anders te doen. De besluiten die overheden en internationale organisaties de komende maanden nemen, zullen de toekomst bepalen. De Balie en Oxfam Novib slaan in de reeks ‘Turning Tables’ de handen ineen om duiding te geven aan de ongekende uitdagingen maar ook aan de unieke kans die voor ons ligt.

[EN] KUNO Covid Café: the Covid-crisis in the Global South. 

The Covid-19 crisis is posing a challenge to the world in unprecedented ways and it is influencing our daily lives. It will most definitely also change our work in the humanitarian sector. This needs to be discussed: with humanitarian professionals, with policymakers, academics, and certainly also with a broader audience: citizens that are firmly interested this topic, but who may also have worries. Every week KUNO organises an online café, to discuss the changing world with inspiring speakers and a wide audience.


Webinar: COVID-19 als mondiale gezondheidsuitdaging: het Nederlandse perspectief. 

In dit webinar gaat Sigrid Kaag, Minister voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, in op de huidige en toekomstige Nederlandse inzet op het gebied van ontwikkelingssamenwerking en handel. Corona gezant Feike Sijbesma spreekt over de ontwikkeling van een mondiaal toegankelijk vaccin.

[EN] Webinar: African Economies after COVID-19. 

The health impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Africa remains uncertain.  But it is already clear that the economic impact is massive. It is crucial in these circumstances to look now at the actions Africa needs to take to help it emerge from the crisis and reduce the risks of it happening again.  How should this experience impact on Africa’s future growth strategy?