Civil Society

Maatregelen genomen ter bestrijding van het corona virus dreigen in sommige landen tégen mensen te werken en juist bestaande ongelijkheden te vergroten. We zien landen waar parlementen buiten werking worden gesteld en ruimte voor vrije pers, oppositie en mensenrechtenverdedigers wordt beperkt. Juist in deze tijd is een sterk maatschappelijk middenveld onontbeerlijk. Zij weten de meest kwetsbare groepen te bereiken en houden overheden bij de les. Op deze pagina delen we graag relevante artikelen, publicaties, tools en tips gerelateerd aan civil society. Deze pagina wordt daar waar mogelijk verder aangevuld.

[EN] GBCF: How international civil society can take steps towards building better now

We know that while some international actors have started to think about how they can #ShiftThePower during the Covid-19 crisis, a crucial step is oftentimes missed: directly asking local and national civil society organizations what changes they would actually like to see. Global Fund Community Foundations brought together community philanthropy practitioners from around the world to surface initial reactions about what they would like to see international civil society do differently in response to Covid-19. 

[EN] Monitor Tracking Civic Space

Civic Freedoms and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Snapshot of Restrictions and Attacks, a monitor by CIVICUS

[EN] COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker

This tracker, created by International Centre for Not-For-Profit Law, monitors government responses to the pandemic that affect civic freedoms and human rights, focusing on emergency laws. 

[EN] International Civil Society Centre

The Berlin International Civil Society Centre is a valuable resource regarding COVID-19 for civil society actors. They share links to readings, podcasts and videos related to the latest COVID-19 news and analysis. 

[EN] Free Press Unlimited

Partos member Free Press Unlimited is working harder than ever to support journalists and to give access to reliable information. Keep an eye on their website for news and updates.

[EN] Civil Society and the Coronavirus: Dynamism Despite Disruption.

This article highlights the importance of civil society in sustaining vibrant and healthy communities and calls to international supporters of civil society to step up their efforts to bolster these local responses. 

[EN] The Future of Civil Society Organisations

The Future is unwritten. Yet, the current challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic call for a conversation over the transformations we want to see in society, and in the humanitarian, social justice and environmental sector. In this publication, a group of leaders of civil society networks and platforms share their observations and thoughts, identifying possible directions that civil society organisations may want to go.