2 General Members of the Supervisory Board


Beschrijving van de vacature




At Wemos we consider health a universal human right. As an independent civil society

organisation, we aim to improve health worldwide. In line with the Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs) and the ambition for Universal Health Coverage (UHC), we dive into questions

such as: How do we achieve a fair and sustainable deployment of sufficient healthcare

personnel worldwide? How do we ensure sufficient financial resources to provide everyone

with access to good health? And what is needed to ensure that medicines are accessible and

affordable? Based on our knowledge and experience in the field, we influence governments

and international institutions and we support local organisations in their advocacy towards

national governments.

These are complex, yet relevant issues. Ever since we were founded fourty years ago, we have

built a strong international reputation and a solid relationship of trust with a number of

financiers who endorse the significance of our work. In the upcoming years, we continue to

work towards diversifying and stabilising our funding streams. We are therefore seeking and

entering new collaborations and relationships and look forward to opportunities to secure our



Read more about Wemos in our Strategy 2019-2023 (the extended version can be found here).


Due to the termination of the terms of two members of our Supervisory Board, we will have

two open vacancies as of 1 January 2021:



What we ask

Requirements in the areas of competencies, social commitment and background, and

expertise apply to all members of the Supervisory Board. Regarding new members, we

explicitly seek candidates with knowledge of global development and health, a keen eye for

strategic communication, and a relevant network among (institutional) donors.

Required competencies

The candidate has a positive yet critical attitude, and integrity, and is analytical, strategic,

independent, decisive, a team player, and able to deal with different interests.


Social commitment and background

  • Endorses the objectives of Wemos.
  • Is convinced of the social relevance of Wemos: addressing global health dilemmas.
  • Acknowledges Wemos' role as global health advocate and supports advocating ‘health for
  • all’.
  • Has a broad social interest and knowledge of health issues.
  • Has demonstrable involvement in (cross-cutting) social issues and is aware of general developments in the field of global development and development cooperation.
  • Is familiar with the principles of good governance and has experience with supervision.
  • Is willing to use his / her professional network for Wemos.
  • Required knowledge and skills
  • Academic working and thinking level.
  • Expert in at least two areas of expertise applicable to the Supervisory Board (see below).
  • For this vacancy, the emphasis is on areas of expertise 1, 3 and 4.
  • At least six of the eight areas of expertise are jointly contributed by the Supervisory Board members. In the absence of a certain area of expertise, this can be obtained through the network of the director and the Supervisory Board members.

Areas of expertise

  1. Substantive knowledge of Wemos’ (inter)national field of work (including global development, health).
  2. General knowledge of policy and advocacy.
  3. Political-administratively relevant network among institutional donors (governments and funds).
  4. Communication and strategic (brand) positioning, knowledge of public support.
  5. Knowledge of development of potential products / services portfolio.
  6. Knowledge of HRM and organisational development.
  7. Knowledge of Finance.
  8. Knowledge of ICT.

Composition of the Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board consists of five members: a chairman, a secretary and three general

members. We strive to achieve a balanced composition in terms of expertise, competencies,

age, gender, social experience and (cultural) background. Candidates with a disability are also

invited to respond to this vacancy if they recognise themselves in the profile. The Supervisory

Board conforms to the Code Goed Bestuur voor Goede Doelen.

Culture of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board functions as a collegial team. Its members are collectively and

individually accountable for decisions made, regardless of the preceding internal discussions. 

The Supervisory Board is characterised by transparency, trust and an open and positive-critical

communication and attitude. In the interest of the team and the quality of supervision,

members of the Board must be able to deal with differences in personality, social background

and experience.


Term and time commitment

The position runs for a maximum of two statutory terms of office (2 x 4 years), with a

commitment of 5-8 days per year, including meeting time.


The position is unremunerated. We are seeking candidates who are based in or are in the

close proximity of the Netherlands. A modest expense allowance is available for every

attended meeting.


What we offer

  • As a member of the Supervisory Board, you actively contribute to the course and future of Wemos.
  • You thereby contribute to further strengthening our position and to realising our global health ambitions.
  • We highly appreciate a constructive, yet critical eye.
  • Wemos consists of an international team of global health advocates, communication specialists and support staff, all of whom work with deep commitment to our mission.
  • We have made significant progress with our global health programmes in recent years. It is therefore the opportune time to further strengthen this position and to translate this into new funding opportunities.
  • Our work is dynamic and international; our global health advocates regularly visit the WHO, the World Bank and the EU. We also have partner organisations in countries in (Eastern) Africa and various countries in Europe.
  • Our annual overview 2019 provides a clear and good picture of our work.



If you are interested in this vacancy, please let us know by submitting your letter of motivation (with special attention to the areas of expertise) and CV to info@remove-this.wemos.nl. 
Specific questions can be submitted to Mariëlle Bemelmans, Director of Wemos: 

Submissions close on October 25th 2020. The first interviews will take place in the beginning of November 2020.