[EN] The Spindle Shift the Power Lab - Power tool ready for testing


Inclusive development partnerships in which power is shared are more ethical and better equipped for bringing about sustainable results. What practical measures can we take to realize the shift of power that we need? One of the outcomes of a workshop that looked at this question was the idea to develop a power assessment tool. The Spindle Shift the Power Lab was formed to develop such a tool. On the basis of a set of user requirements, desk research of existing tools and other relevant resource material a prototype was developed by The Spindle and further fine-tuned with feedback from the members in the Shift the Power Lab. Now the Power Tool is ready for testing.

The power tool is developed to make power in partnerships visible, enabling partners to analyse and reflect on this and to take measures to shift the power in accordance with their shared principles. Power was defined by the lab as the ability to influence decision making, to mobilise resources and to implement decisions. It is a practical instrument that could contribute to achieving inclusive and power balanced strategic partnerships in which decision making is a joint responsibility. 


Power tool ready for testing!

Since our latest update The Shift-the-Power Lab has welcomed a number of new members, representatives of organisations interested in the tool and willing to test it in practice. Together with them we did a final review of the prototype and agreed on the testing guidelines. Testing can be done in a more intensive way, as a reflective exercise in workshops with stakeholders, or in a light way, by individuals behind their desks. Testing results should include feedback from all stakeholders in development partnerships. 


The instrument is developed against the backdrop of new partnerships being formed for the Power of Voices Program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A unique opportunity to test it, learn and develop it further! So far a number of organisations involved in the current strategic partnerships or in the development of new partnerships for future programs indicated that they are interested to take part in the piloting of the tool. We are very happy that also the Kenia Community Development Fund and the  Peruvian Youth Movement Foro Juvenil de Izquierda expressed interest in testing the tool.


Are you in the process of  (re-) forming a partnership with civil society partners in the Global South and also interested to test the tool, together with your partners?  Or would you like more information first? Please contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk (amh@partos.nl).


The Shift the Power Lab currently consists of: Wilde Ganzen, Mama Cash, RNW Media, KCDF, Choice, Mercy Corps, Oxfam Novib, ICCO, Amref and Hivos. It is supported by The Spindle, Partos Innovation Platform. For more information contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk.