[EN] Supporting innovators at the Partos Innovation Festival


Each year, The Spindle rewards the best innovative concepts in the field of development cooperation. The Spindle invited innovators with a prototype of a product or project which contributes to an inclusive, just and sustainable world to apply for this Best Innovation for Development Award. Currently, a top 10 is still running for various and valuable prizes, granted during the finals at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 11th. This Award is made possible with support from various organisations. We like to introduce two of the sponsors to you: ATPI and Oxford HR.


Partos members travel a lot and especially to exceptional places around the world. ATPI, a Travel Management Company
is the preferred travelpartner of Partos. Partos members have the freedom to do business with ATPI through this contract. At the moment there are 29 members who arrange their travel through ATPI. ATPI has a team dedicated to Partos members and offer members a special NGO fare. As Judith Matthee, accountmanager at ATPI, mentioned: “Partos members travel to quite different and remote places compared to most of our clients. Places such as Entebbe, Nairobi and Kigali, this makes our work challenging and exciting”. 

ATPI is constantly working on new developments which can be of value to their customers. Sustainability is of importance for ATPI and they see it therefore as their responsibility to offer their customers options for climate neutral travel. ATPI has an agreement with the Climate Neutral Group (CNG), to compensate the CO2 emissions of journeys by plane, car and train. Customers get the option to choose for a compensation for the CO2 emissions or they can choose to sponsor an interesting project or charity. 

ATPI wants to support and encourage innovation by sponsoring the Best Innovation for Development Award. “As a Travel Management Company we know innovation is one of the key drivers to keep your customers satisfied. By supporting innovators, who don’t think in limitations, we feel the need to support them on the way to their success” argued Robert Okhuysen, senior sales manager at ATPI. He continues: “We also try to
constantly work on new developments that can be of value to our customers. This includes for example an online booking tool and a handy travel app for travelers when they are on the move. We like to explore sustainable solutions and innovations together with colleagues and customers. It would be a pleasure to discuss these kind of topics with members of Partos at the Festival”. 

ATPI has a stand at the Partos Innovation Festival in the Exhibition Market. Also, Judith Matthee and Robert Okhuysen will be available for speeddates

Oxford HR

Oxford HR is an executive search company dedicated to serving the needs of for-purpose and not-for-profit sectors in a wide variety of practice areas. Their goal is finding and supporting world-changing leaders which becomes clear through their motto “search for a better world”. They operate in a global network of connections and offices with office locations in among others Europe and Africa. Oxford HR works with an international focus, mostly for NGOs, foundations, UN agencies and international development organisations. The reasons for Oxford HR’s support in the Partos Innovation Festival is twofold. 

First, the importance of inclusion. “Inclusion is a part of the DNA of our organisation. We first started in Oxford, but currently, we have clients and offices all over the world” states Yolanda Weldring, Associate Director of Oxford HR Europe. She believes in connecting the right people with talent and skills to the right enterprises and strives for more diversity in top-level positions. As Yolanda mentioned: “It is important to bring equality into society and to create attention and awareness for diversity and equality. Therefore organisations need to reflect on their missions and values in their own company as well”. This becomes clear when you take a look at Oxford HR’s diverse team. Oxford HR has a team of 32 staff members from 18 nationalities and speak among themselves in 15 different languages. 

Second, the importance of innovation. Oxford HR works for global organisations and NGOs, and they notice a shift taking place with their clients. Currently, there is a lot of interest in talented persons who know how to relate to different movements and mobilise action (for example with the climate change movement). They are true ‘innovators’, exceptional persons driven by social change with various backgrounds. Yolanda says “We want to support them. I think we need to focus more on new ways of working together and give a chance to talents who can really make a difference in organisations”. By making this happen, Oxford HR strives to create awareness and attention to social and sustainable causes. Therefore Oxford HR finds it very important to focus and support innovators and their new and fresh ideas. 

Oxford HR has a stand at Partos Innovation Festival in the Exhibition Market. Also, Yolanda Weldring  will be available for questions at the speeddates


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