Learning from the past


Over the past five years, the Strategic Partnerships programme under the umbrella “Dialogue and Dissent” took place. This included 25 Strategic Partnership programmes that focussed on the strengthening of capacities in lobby and advocacy and were implemented by alliances of Dutch and Southern civil society organisations, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Throughout these five years, many lessons have been learned, challenges overcome, and knowledge products, tools, methods and instruments developed. The knowledge that was gained through these programmes is of great value to the current and future Strategic Partnerships as well as tPartos members in general 

For this reason, Partos is creating a knowledge map’ consisting of knowledge products with the objective of creating new opportunities for learning for the new Strategic PartnershipsThrough this we hope to enable new partnerships to learn from past experiences and to build upon the knowledge that has already been developed. Moreover, knowledge gaps and learning needs will be brought to light, which we will in turn shaper our focus. 


After an initial scan of existing knowledge products and toolsorganisations will be asked to share the most valuable or memorable knowledge products of the past five years. Which knowledge products are they proud of, and which do they think will be most valuable for other organisations? The specific objective of this first step is to gain an understanding of the knowledge that is already available and insight into the relevant internal and external stakeholders that are involved. We are also curious about the experiences and initiatives of (Southern) partner organisations and will include these in this process. 


Based on this inventory, a knowledge map is created and organisations in the new partnerships are contacted to share their knowledge needs. Building on this, new learning activities will be developed in collaboration with organisations and offered to all Partos members.  


The knowledge map is created in collaboration with StrhiveStrhive is an organisation specialised in continuous Learning for International Development Cooperation. 


For more information please contact Vic Klabbers vic@partos.nl 

(Credits for the visuals: Alina Marinescu via TheGreats.co)