Be part of the ***All Inclusive*** Partos Innovation Festival


On October 11th 2019, we celebrate innovation and inclusion in international development. Partos & The Spindle organise the Innovation Festival for the 6th time already to highlight innovative ideas in the sector. Together with NGOs, civil society leaders, researchers, social entrepreneurs, funders, government and private sector we come together to share ideas, inspiration & new trends. We believe it is time to connect and work towards ‘a future we want’: an inclusive, sustainable world in which everyone counts!

The Festival information will be in English as we expect many international visitors.


*** All inclusive ***

This year we focus on inclusion, diversity and equality. Everywhere in the world, including in the Netherlands, social cohesion in society is under pressure. Different groups are excluded in many ways. Mostly the poorest or discriminated groups have no or limited access to healthcare, education, governance, natural resources, social services, security and justice. Development cooperation is all about this: working together on a fair distribution and access to these essential needs. To us this means exploring current challenges and topics in the (changing) landscape of support for development and social justice. Think about new forms of  working together to accomplish system change, sharing & shifting relations in power and finding alternative resources, stimulating inclusive development and business, creating space and support for innovation, making use of digitalization etc. Surely there are still many global challenges. But we also see progress and innovative changemakers who combine determination, empathy, and hard work to improve this world. During the Partos Innovation Festival we celebrate the inspiring and innovative practices and inclusive solutions to show we are on the right track. We strive for ***All inclusive ***: a world with equal access and opportunities for everyone. A world where everyone receives an equal package of chances and access, where no one is left behind.


Join us in building a great programme

Off course we are developing our programme in co-creation with our members and partners. Some current new trends and themes we are all ready exploring. We invite you to join us in building a great programme. Here we share our thoughts on 3 themes. Please join if you want to contribute in any way. Let us know!


1. Inclusive civil society

Despite our commitment to local development, we still have to work on the imbalance of power, resources and funds between ‘northern and southern’ CSOs. How can we make development cooperation less top-heavy and more people- and locally-driven? How do the goals of NGOs relate to local programs, solutions and needs? What position do grassroots organizations and civic power organisations have to influence the form and framework of 'development aid'? What is the added value of Northern NGOs in the (changing) landscape of development cooperation and social justice? During the Festival we share and discuss best practices and concrete stories on how development cooperation can be organized in a more equal and inclusive way.


2. Inclusive business

What if private sector companies and NGOs work together to deliver more innovative and sustainable development impact for all?  Can we create collaborations to make sure that everyone has access to products, services and decent wages? How can inclusive partnerships gain momentum? The new Practitioners Guide on Inclusive Business Partnerships can be the tool to be used in future collaboration and partnerships. What’s more to learn from NGOs and companies to achieve their shared goals.


3. System change

Development cooperation cannot and should not be limited to local activities in developing countries. Action is also needed at the macro level, such as advocating and promoting fair trade chains, complying with international investment agreements and combatting tax avoidance. True system change to better lives means also to bend policy, investments and agreements as effectively as possible in the interest of vulnerable groups and regions. That is why Partos is developing an inclusive proposition: ‘Trickle up’ as a driving force for change whereby more and more people get out of poverty and exclusion. Please join this exploration on system change.  


Awards for inclusive &  innovative initiatives

Each year The Spindle takes up the challenge to put innovations from all over the world into the spotlight at the Partos Innovation Festival. As the innovation platform of Partos, the Spindle promotes initiatives that are focused on creating a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable world. This year various awards will be honoured, for example the Best Innovation for Development and NOthing about us, Without Us! Award. The best participants of each category will present their initiatives during the Partos Innovation Festival 2019 on October 11th.

The NOW-Us! ('NOthing about us, Without Us!') Award is one of Partos' activities to address the problem of exclusion in an innovative way. Discriminated groups can submit ideas and solutions on how they combat their social exclusion and fully participate in society.


Exhibition and Innovation Market

Do you have an innovative product, service or approach to show at the Exhibition & Innovation Market? Here  you can show your expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to inspire fellow peers of the endless possibilities for a positive societal impact. Seize this opportunity to exchange with colleagues in development cooperation and expose your good ideas. Sign up by sending an email to our intern Luca Volonte (

This year there will be an Exhibition Market all day in the Foyer (close to the entrance of the big hall from Pakhuis de Zwijger). Also there is an Innovation market where there is only limited space for members who want to present their innovation. This will take place between 11-13 a.m. Expect a host who will arrange excellent connections with the visitors of the Festival.


Be part of the Partos Innovation Festival!

There are many opportunities for co-creation, participation and sponsorship at the Festival. Curious about ways to make new connections, positioning your organisation, set up inspiring interactive sessions and expose your innovations? Please contact Sera Koolmees for more information. Here you find an information package


Sera Koolmees ( / 020 32 09 901).