Workshop: How to raise sustainable income streams as an NGO? (The Spindle)

Datum: 28 februari 2019

On February 28, The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, organises a workshop on new ways of financing for NGOs. With the prospect of falling subsidies and donations, NGOs need to look for new sources of financial sustainability. One of these new sources might come from an organisational shift towards a more business-like setup: so-called non-profit businesses.

Melanie Rieback has developed this concept of non-profit businesses successfully when starting her own, namely: Radically Open Security. Currently, she is expanding this idea with a non-profit startup incubator – “Nonprofit Ventures”.


During this 3-hour workshop, Melanie Rieback provides insight into the possibilities of non-profit businesses. She explains a step-by-step practical methodology and addresses how NGOs can realise sustainable income streams by embracing such an unconventional approach.

Date: Thursday, February 28
Time: 14.30 – 17.30 (with networking drinks after)
Location: at Partos – Ellermanstraat 18B, 1114 AK Amsterdam

If you plan to participate, please click here to fill in the form. This is also the place to find the most updated information for this meeting.