The magic of blockchain

Datum: 24 april 2017

Blockchain seems to be the new buzzword. Many organisations are investing in this new technology that could help organize things in a complete new way. In November UNICEF announced it had invested in its first blockchain startup. In March The World Food Programme reported testing blockchain technology in a project in Pakistan, while Fairfood works on an application for the coconut chain...


Is blockchain a hype, or will it bring completely new opportunities? Will it be the technology that connects worlds even more than the internet did?   


Yet there are many steps to take before blockchain will enter day-to-day activities! The Spindle will stimulate working on this topic to help you evaluate the opportunities for innovation in an early stage. Creating again more understanding of the blockchain ‘magic', co-creation & inspiration and maybe working towards a prototype will be the focus of our next workout.

You will get a deeper understanding of the magic of Blockchain, by identifying issues in your own workfield. With the help from four more experts, you will learn to recognize  issues that might benefit most from the blockchain technology.

Is blockchain a hype, or will it bring completely new opportunities?

In this workout you will:

  • Learn about the different aspects of the magic of blockchain
  • Understand the three main blockchain solution categories
  • Identify use case opportunities for your organization
  • Learn which aspects of use cases blockchain technology won’t solve
  • Assess, cluster and learn from similar use cases
  • Get to know how to proceed with your organization’s use cases

We will see together what the next steps will be....


Location: B1.Amsterdam,  Johan Huizingalaan 763a, third floor PWC Blockchain Lab
Date: April 24
Time: start at 14h, work till 17h, drinks till 18h
Registration: mail to