Strategic Partnerships | Final evaluation learning session

Datum: 15 april 2021

On April 15th, from 14.00-16.00 CET, the Partos PME platform will organise a webinar to exchange and discuss experiences with organising the end-evaluations of the Dialogue and Dissent (D&D) programs. As part of the event we'll be looking back as well as distilling lessons learned that can be applied to the current Strengthening Civil Society programs (SCS).

This meeting will focus on MEL-staff involved in the end evaluation of the old and new strategic partnership programs. A report of the meeting will be shared here.

The webinar – based on the responses to a January survey among the 25 D&D M&E colleagues - will focus on three topics: working with a reference group, evaluation methods, and scoping. Each topic will be briefly introduced by two MEL colleagues, to be followed by a plenary exchange.

Working with a reference group
Each SP was obliged to set up an independent external reference group which gave advice on the ToR and methodologies of the end evaluation. What can we learn from positive experiences and challenges in collaborating with an external reference group in the Dialogue and Dissent programs? How far did/should the involvement of an ERG go?


  • Koen Faber (Cordaid - Capacitating Change: Empowering people in fragile contexts)
  • Wieteke Overbeek (GPPAC - Prevention up Front Alliance)

Evaluation methods
From the survey, it became clear that all SPs used qualitative methods to evaluate their partnership. The main methodologies used are Outcome Harvesting (substantiation), Contribution Analysis and Stories of Change/case studies. What have we learnt on the use of (a mix of) these methods?


  • Anne Oudes (Oxfam - Towards a Worldwide Influencing Network)
  • Casey Davison O’Brien (Frontline Aids - Partnership to Inspire, Transform, and Connect the HIV Response)

Who decided on the scope and based on which criteria? What has been the role of the commissioner, the external evaluators and the ERG? What have been positive experiences and challenges? Depth vs breadth; representativeness.


  • Karel Chambille (Hivos - Citizen Agency Consortium)
  • Yvonne Es (Pax - Freedom from Fear)

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