Digital Journey: Hackathon

Datum: 05 juni 2020

It is already time for the fourth event in the Digital Journey! This time the Joint Action Groups (JAGs) will collaborate with the Contributors in order to actively develop their designs; hackathon-style! One day full of collaboration and innovation between the Linking Pin’s in their JAG formation and the Contributors in their digital rooms.


What happened so far? 
The Digital Journey knows already three events, all adding new phases to the Journey as a whole. In the first phase, the Linking Pin’s, a group of intrapreneurial innovators from Partos members who are the core of the Journey, were actively linked to the Journey. Over 30 Partos member organisations are co-operating in the Journey now! In the second phase, the Linking Pin’s collaborated and grouped themselves into eight different Joint Action Groups (JAGs). Every JAG will work on a design, the envisioned result of their Journeys. In the next phase, these JAGs pitched their plans for their envisioned result to a group of possible Contributors such as IT consultants and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now the JAGs consist of different organisations and are enriched with even more expertise by the Contributors. This brings us to the next step in this Digital Journey; the Hackathon!


The Hackathon 
During the Hackathon, the JAGs and Contributors will work together on their envisioned result and reach the next phases in which they are going to make their designs more concrete. The Contributors are linked to the JAGs and will provide their thoughts on the designs. They will work and join forces to create the best possible outcome in the available time. After the Hackathon, the next event will take place on September 10, the Digital Journey Test Day and will be followed up by the final event on October 9 when all the results are presented.

Are you interested in this Digital Journey? Do you have the expertise you want to add to one of the JAGs and have an impact? Find out all about the Digital Journey in the Digital Journey Magazine, e.g. the Linking Pin’s, the JAGs and the recaps on the previous events. If you want to contribute to the Journey in any way, you can contact the innovation facilitator from Partos, Margreet van der Pijl (

Practical information
What: The Hackathon
When: June 5
Where: a zoom invitation will be shared with you beforehand

For more information on The Digital Journey, please contact Margreet van der Pijl ( or have a look at the Digital Journey Magazine!



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