Civic Space and International Human Rights: instruments, strategies, and partners

Datum: 17 december 2019

Civic Space Conference - 17th of December, 13.30-17.00 hrs, The Hague


Development is a precondition for the achievement of human rights, and human rights are necessary for development. Human rights and development cooperation, however, have long been seen as separate policy fields. In a recent advisory report to the Dutch government, the AIV states that the Dutch government could do more to integrate SDG and human rights policy and actions. And as civil society plays an important role in the SDG partnership,  combating shrinking civic space should be an integral part of human rights and development policies. Interaction between development and human rights organisations also remains an ongoing challenge, according to the AIV.  How can we strengthen the cooperation on an integrated agenda of development and human rights: within civil society, the Ministry and with private sector parties?


How can we make better use of international human rights mechanisms to protect and expand civic space so that local civil society can play their indispensable role advocating for and the monitoring of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals? A conference to learn and strengthen strategic cooperation on the civic space agenda in the run-up to the new civil subsidy program of the NL MFA.

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