Workshop on internationally networked NGOs (INNGOs)

Datum: 18 april 2017

Time: 10.00h -13.00h (welcome with coffee: 09.30h)
Location: Amsterdam (details will follow)


An increasing number of Dutch development NGOs are seeking to establish or join international NGO networks and partnerships. The motives and pathways towards internationalisation are very diverse, resulting in a variety of institutional arrangements. Member organisations of Partos are at different stages of internationalisation. Deciding that you want to work in collaboration such as in networks, consortia, coalitions, PPPs is one thing, finding out how to do that is another. A good number of Partos members have been part of international networks for quite some time and are reflecting on how the functioning of these networks can be further optimized. The Spindle initiated a series of workshop with the aim to further explore 'the why, how and what' of internationally networked NGOs.


In an interactive workshop on 18 April 2017 we will address the How-question.
Helga van Kampen and Rita Dieleman (Partnership Learning Loop) will use their research for IOB on the relations between Dutch CSOs and their Southern partners and the relations among Dutch CSOs to explore together:

  • the most common challenges of collaboration in international partnerships/networks
  • the most promising solutions to address these challenges
  • appreciated elements from the perspective of Southern CSOs and the (potential) role of CSO in internationally networked organisations


You are welcome!
If you are keen to hear others' opinions, experiences and best practices, if you would like to share your own and jointly define next steps in the HOW of collaboration, join us for this workshop! In preparation to the workshop we will ask you to fill out a short survey about your experiences.


Partos-members: please log in and click on the yellow button 'inschrijven' that appears at the bottom of this page after login. Non-members can send an e-mail to and contribute to the costs of this workshop. For more information on this workshop please contact Partos via

Workshop programme

10.00                  Introduction to the process and programme of this session by Heinz Greijn

10.05                  Kick-off by Rita Dieleman and Helga van Kampen:

                           about research into perceptions with regard to collaboration between Dutch

                           development organisations and their Southern partners. 

10.35                 An interactive session in which participants will experience collaboration

11.00                 Participants will each present in 1 or 2 minutes their most important challenge(s)

11.30                 Break

11.45                 Round of brainstorming

12.30                 Harvest

13.00                 End

In plenary we will identify:

  • Challenges for which we found very promising solution
  • The most persisting challenges for which no likely solution could be found

With regard to the last category we need joint follow-up action to find solutions elsewhere or to develop solutions.